Mulberry Leaf
acupuncture & herbs


Address:  11650 Riverside Dr #5 Studio City, CA 91602



Tue  10:00am-7:30pm

Wed   3:00pm-6:30pm

Thu  10:00am-7:30pm

Sat   10:00am-4:00pm


Phone:   (213) 446-5428



“I would give Dr Aleksandra 10 stars if I could...I highly recommend Dr Aleksandra for both physical and mental well-being. I have had almost instant relief from migraine pain, much improved stress relief and wrist pain management that could not have been achieved without her regular treatments. She is also so lovely, patient and kind in how she approaches understanding my symptoms and treatment that I leave with more energy, a sense of calm...and always a lovely cup of tea :-)”  


- Elaine C. 


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