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In the modern world, we are exposed to toxins every step of the way. From air pollution, to water pollution, food chemicals, parabens in body products, etc. our body gets easily overwhelmed trying to distinguish between good and bad agents and eventually starts attacking itself sometimes causing allergic reactions. At Mulberry Leaf, we believe in integrative approach to provide long-lasting allergy relief. Utilizing food sensitivity testing followed by pathogen elimination, your body will have an opportunity to heal itself and strengthen its general constitution. Stronger body is capable of fighting pathogens without producing a hypersensitivity reaction. This process does not happen over night and requires discipline and patience. With your cooperation, we are determined to help you overcome your allergies.

Respiratory Issues


The Lung is considered a “fragile” organ in Chinese Medicine. It is the most external organ and therefore easily affected by external pathogenic factors. Most respiratory issues are the result of a weak constitution. When your lungs are strong, pathogenic factors are unable to cause any damage. Treatments of all respiratory problems involve strengthening the immune system and dispersing phlegm and infection. We utilize acupuncture with antibiotic, antitussive and expectorant herbs to fight off common cold, flu, bronchitis and more.


Sinusitis | Rhinitis | Allergies | Common Cold | Influenza | Sore throat | Nasal congestion | Cough | Pneumonia | Asthma | Bronchitis | Earache | Breathlessness

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