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At Mulberry Leaf, we utilize both Eastern and Western therapeutic tools in order to tailor the most
complete and efficient course of treatments to meet your health goals whether you are looking for a quick
pain relief, a resolution of a long-term health problem or a general well-being.

A bowl filled with glass cups for fire cupping


“I have been suffering from digestive issues half of my life. I've tried changing my diet and taking some meds and nothing seemed to provide long-term relief. My wife has been pushing me to try her acupuncturist for the longest time but I just couldn't see how it could help. I finally saw Dr. Dianova. She gave me some diet recommendations that nobody else mentioned to me before, some Chinese herbal formulas to take and advised to get treated couple of times a week. Today was my 6th session with her and I cannot stress enough how much better I'm feeling. I don't remember the last time I felt completely pain and discomfort free. If you have any chronic condition you'd like to improve, don't hesitate to schedule an appointment. I wish I didn't wait so long.”  


- Alex B. 

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