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What is "Biomat" ?


"Biomat" is an FDA approved medical device that provides you with cutting-edge technology combining the healing properties of amethyst crystals, the deep penetrating heat of far infrared rays, as well as cellular activation and renewal from negative ion therapy. Amethyst crystals can help revitalize the biological function of your cells to: increase blood circulation; relieve neuralgia, backaches, and arthritis; and eliminate toxins. Amethyst has also been shown to help with stomach and digestive problems, along with heart and hearing disorders. It has been known to treat various types of blood disease, and help balance blood sugar levels. The beneficial properties of far infrared light have received particular attention from the scientific community in recent years. Studies suggest that far infrared light stimulates the production of healthy cell tissue, promoting faster healing, and encourages the elimination of cellular wastes and toxin. Through research done by Dr. Takada Maku in Japan, it was discovered that when negative ions are introduced to the body, the ions of calcium and sodium in the blood increase, and the blood is purified by increasing alkalinity. The electrical exchange speeds up cell function so nutrients are fully absorbed by the cell and waste materials are eliminated.


The "Biomat" is safer than a heating pad because it does not emit any harmful electromagnetic waves. Studies have shown that the use of heating pads or electric blankets may cause carcinogenic cellular activity. The Biomat’s heat is created through natural beneficial light waves called far infrared heat and this conducts over amethyst crystals emitting negative ions via its high tech messaging system. The Biomat’s advanced technology works without any electric coils. It functions through a state-of-the-art electronic interceptor which blocks the harmful electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs). 

Unlike a heating pad or electric blanket, the Richway "Biomat" does not get hot when it is turned on. When you lie down, it warms the part of your body making contact with the mat and heats from the outside to the inside of your body.


"Biomat" Health Benefits:

  • Pain Relief

Arthritis, fibromyalgia, joint pain, bursitis, tendonitis, sports Injuries, joint stiffness, leg pain, shoulder injuries, hamstring tears, calf injuries, thigh injuries, knee injuries, tennis elbow, muscle spasms, menstrual cramps, hemorrhoids, carpal tunnel.

  • Toxin Elimination

The increased blood circulation brings more oxygen rich blood, while carrying off metabolic waste products away. After a few minutes you start sweating, your body rids of potentially carcinogenic heavy metals, as well as alcohol, nicotine, sodium, sulfuric acid and cholesterol.

  • Effortless Weight Loss: Infrared accelerates the breakdown of fat and cellulite. 

  • Improved Immune System

Far Infrared Rays deep heat raises your body temperature, inducing an artificial “fever” and your body’s immune system is strengthened.

  • Restful Sleep and Stress Reduction

Combining the gentle warmth and the relaxed muscles makes this is a great stress relief aid. It’s like lying on the beach in the afternoon sun – not too hot, not too cold – just perfect for some deep sleep.

  • Alternative to Cardiovascular Exercise

According to the American Heart Association, the circulatory system is responsible for the delivery of oxygen-rich blood and the removal of wastes. In Dr. Inoue and Dr. Kabaya’s paper entitled Biological Activities Caused by Far-Infrared Radiation, far infrared rays have been found to have a blood circulation-enhancing effect in human skin and eventually induces an increase in temperature of the body tissues just like during cardio exercise.


"Biomat" Contraindications:


Remember to stay hydrated while using the "Biomat"

  • Recipients of any type of organ transplant should not use the "Biomat". The use of the "Biomat" increases immune system function, which will tell your body to attack the new organ.

  • We recommend anyone who uses an external pacemaker not use the "Biomat".


Use with caution


We recommend anyone with the following ailments to use the "Biomat" with no heat and negative ions only:

  • Certain medications;

  • High fever;

  • Acute injuries;

  • Diseases associated with a reduced ability to sweat or insensitivity to heat.


We recommend anyone with the following ailments to use the "Biomat" on low heat only (95°F-113°F):

  • Internal pace maker and/or defibrillator - consult your physician before the use of the "Biomat". In general, infrared heating pads have not been shown to interfere or damage pacemakers/defibrillators. However, there may be a small chance of causing interference occasionally. We recommend anyone who uses a pacemaker and/or defibrillator to use the "Biomat" on low heat only (95°F-113°F).

  • Adrenal Suppression Disorders;

  • Addison’s Disease;

  • Adrenal Insufficiency;

  • Systematic Lupus Erythematosus;

  • Multiple Sclerosis (MS);

  • Brain tumor;

  • Bypass surgery;

  • Diabetes;

  • High blood pressure;

  • Infants. We recommend parents with newborns to wait until their baby is at least 6 months old before using the "Biomat" on low heat only (95°F-104°F) or negative ions only, with adult supervision. Please use with caution.

  • Pregnancy;

  • Anyone that has currently received radiation treatments or chemotherapy.

Additional cautions:

  • Recipients of Titanium, Metal, Ceramic, or Plastic implants can use the "Biomat". Surgical implants generally reflect infrared rays and are not heated by an infrared heat system. Anyone who experiences pain in those areas should check with their physician.

  • Silicone implants may be warmed by infrared rays. Silicone is known to melt at over 200 degrees Celsius / 392 Fahrenheit, so it should not be adversely affected by infrared rays. It is advised that you consult your surgeon before use.

  • Pain should not be experienced when using the "Biomat". However, the infrared heat will go to areas of disease or discomfort so some people may perceive this as pain and others as a sensation. If pain is persistent, discontinue use.

  • If there are any worsened conditions when using the "Biomat", discontinue use. Some temporary symptoms may occur, which can be attributed to the detoxification and healing process.

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