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Cardiovascular Disorders


The Heart is an emperor in Chinese organ hierarchy and therefore is given particular importance. It does not just function to promote blood circulation but it is also given brain/mind function. Thus, the heart is the main organ to treat any emotional or psychological disorder. One of the core therapeutic effects of any Acupuncture treatment is improved blood circulation to the local area. Acupuncture triggers vasodilation, which means it can effectively lower blood pressure. Acupuncture also protects the heart and increases survival and recovery rate after a heart attack. At Mulberry Leaf, we frequently use Fire-cupping therapy to pull the toxins out of the tissue and draw fresh oxygenated blood packed with nutrients to particular part of the body. Therefore we not only encourage blood circulation but also remove deep-rooted blockages that inhibit circulation. Microcirculation effect on overall health has been getting particular attention in recent years, as it is believed to be the key in recovery from many chronic diseases. Unfortunately, Western Medicine does not offer any solutions to improve microcirculation. Chinese Herbal Medicine was proved to increase microcirculation by opening up smaller vessels and capillaries.


Angina pectoris | Palpitations | Hypertension | Hypotension | High Cholesterol | Raynaud’s syndrome | Arrhythmia

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