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Urinary issues


In Chinese Medicine there are multiple causes for developing urinary problems. The entire water metabolism process that involves the lungs, spleen, small intestine, and kidneys are carefully examined for the treatment of urinary issues. Depending on the findings, a specific treatment plan is put together to fix the broken part of the metabolic chain. The bladder is considered to be one of the most external organs, which means it can be easily invaded (or infected) by environmental factors. Damp-heat is the most frequent diagnosis for a UTI and is easily treated with Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine that have antibiotic effects. Chronic UTI infections may occur due to poor microbial flora, low immune system and spleen system dysfunction. While infectious causes are treated directly, most of the urinary issues are addressed by strengthening one’s kidneys. Chronic problems like frequent urination, need for urination at night or urinary incontinence are caused by weaknesses of the internal organs. Studies show that acupuncture strengthens the urethra relieving the symptoms of chronic urinary issues. Acupuncture can also reduce prostate or bladder swelling which relieves symptoms of urgency and incomplete voiding.   


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