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ENT & Eyes


While most modern medical treatments offer only symptomatic relief for ear, nose, throat and eye conditions, Chinese Medicine improves their function by treating corresponding internal organs. In TCM, each “orifice” is related to its paired viscera. Ears are the opening of the kidneys, nose & throat are the openings of the lungs, eyes belong to liver system, the heart is in charge of one’s tongue, and the mouth is the opening of the spleen. ENT problems may arise from weaknesses of the above organs as well as the invasion of external pathogenic factors. When caused by infection, Acupuncture is able to boost the production of WBCs that function to naturally fight infection, while antibiotic herbs can kill it directly. Otherwise, if the problem is chronic then Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal medicine address the underlying causes and provide sustainable results.


Earache | Meniere’s disease | Ear infection | Hearing Loss & Impairment | Tinnitus | Nasal congestion | Runny nose | Rhinitis | Sinusitis | Sinus headaches | Loss of smell | Nosebleeds | Sore throat | Dry throat | Tonsillitis | Plum Pit syndrome | Blurry vision | Eye floaters | Poor vision | Night blindness | Dry eyes | Macular Degeneration | Cataracts | Glaucoma | Eyelid twitching

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