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What you can expect from virtual sessions


You might be under the impression that you come to Mulberry Leaf for Acupuncture, but this is not necessarily true. You come to us because you have a health concern and you are looking for a solution to your problem. Acupuncture is just a tool along with the many other modalities that we have to offer. In fact, if you read through our description of most of the modalities on you will find the following: “it can be used in conjunction with Acupuncture or as a stand alone treatment” under most services. Traditional Chinese Medicine just as conventional medicine is based on the knowledge of physiology, pathology, diagnosis and a treatment. It is this knowledge that comprises 90% of the treatment and not the treatment itself. Even more so, traditional methods usually require very simple tools in the treatment, many of which you already have at home or can easily obtain from us or on Amazon.


It is important to take note that more than 70% of Traditional Chinese Doctors in China are Herbalists and not Acupuncturists. In fact 3 out of the 5 years of a Masters Degree in Oriental Medicine are spent learning herbs and only 2 years are dedicated to Acupuncture. 


All of this points to the fact that by closing their practice Acupuncturists only lose 10% of the scope of their practice. Yes that’s right it means Telemedicine is only 10% less effective than an actual Acupuncture treatment! 


Here is what we can offer as a part of Telemedicine:

  1. Extensive health evaluation and diagnosis

  2. Nutritional and lifestyle advice

  3. Herbal Consultation followed by customized prescription shipped or delivered to your door

  4. Guided Acupressure

  5. Guided Moxibustion Treatment, which can completely replace professional Acupuncture in many cases

  6. Guided Auricular (ear) Acupuncture, which can also completely replace professional Acupuncture

  7. Therapeutic stretches, exercises or taping technique

  8. Comprehensive Treatment Plan


15 minute appointments will be ..... $25

30 minute appointments will be ..... $45

60 minute appointments will be ..... $80


Steps to book your virtual appointment:

  1. Email ( or call us at 213-446-5428 to schedule your appointment. Our availability for Telemedicine is Monday-Friday. We do not have an online booking feature yet, but we might add it in the future.

  2. You will get a confirmation email with the link to access your private meeting room. This online platform is HIPAA compliant which means all your health information is completely secure. The link will come from Unified Practice - our medical record keeping software, built specifically for medical professionals meeting all the requirements for a medical practice.

  3. Sign a waiver for Telemedicine. I know...sigh... more waivers! We all hate them, but in order to provide professional services we all need to stay professional. It is done in 2 clicks though, just click on "Manage My Appointment" button in the email you received and click accept.

  4. Follow the link at the time of your appointment. Click on the link included in the email to start video chatting. You can access it on your computer, phone or an iPad. It is extremely easy even if you're not tech savvy. You can hide your video, if you prefer. The choice is entirely yours. I just want you to feel comfortable and supported.


Which appointment to book?

  • 15 min consultation will cover your existing condition that we have been treating in the office, I can provide some tips and recommendation as well as refill your herbal and supplement prescription

  • 30 min consultation will cover existing or new disorder, herbal prescription and lifestyle, nutritional recommendations.

  • 60 min consultation is a must for any new patients. For all the existing patients it will include everything in a 30 min consultation plus a virtual treatment (acupressure, exercises, stretching, etc)


Will my insurance cover it?

The world of billing telemedicine, aka virtual sessions, is new to everyone including the insurance companies. So the process might be a bit bumpy. You would have to pay our cash rates upfront and wait for reimbursement once insurance starts paying. On the bright side, we will do all the billing for you. 


In order to be covered for a Telemedicine :

  1. You have to be an established patient at Mulberry Leaf Acupuncture & Herbs

  2. You have to have Acupuncture benefits under your plan

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