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Acupuncture & TCM Fees

Time of Service Rates:


If you pay for your care the day services were rendered, we can extend a time-of-service discount.

Discounted rates are listed below:



30 min.

Includes evaluation and diagnosis. Care will be selected based on your needs and may include nutritional & lifestyle advice, herbal consultation, guided acupressure, moxibustion, auricular acupuncture, therapeutic stretches and more ..... $80

Initial Evaluation & Treatment:

60 min.

Includes thorough evaluation of your health, explanation of your treatment plan, acupuncture treatment as well as other modalities* as seen fit.  You will also receive your personalized printout with lifestyle, supplements, herbal medicine and nutrition recommendations ..... $180


Regular Acupuncture Treatment:

45 min.

Includes Acupuncture, other modalities* as seen fit and an herbal follow-up consultation ..... $115


Auricular Acupuncture Treatment:

15 min.

Includes extensive auricular diagnosis and treatment. On occasion, Auricular Acupuncture may be moresuitable treatment option, which can provide faster therapeutic results. In this case, we schedule it as a standalone

treatment ..... $45


Fire-Cupping Massage

30 min.

Experience a deep tissue massage that can take away even the most deep-rooted muscle knots and provide immediate results ..... $65


Re-evaluation & Treatment

60 min.

If you are an established patient with a new condition or your condition requires a deeper progress evaluation we highly encourage you to book a re-evaluation session ..... $135


Herbal Consultation

30 min

Not a big fan of needles? We offer an herbal treatment including your full health evaluation followed by herbal formula prescription. We will also provide a copy of your treatment plan that includes lifestyle, nutrition and supplements recommendations ..... $80

Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture

75 min

Includes your regular Acupuncture treatment + local facial needling using an extra thin and smooth top-of-the-line Serin needles. You will also get lymphatic drainage massage, rejuvenating jade-roller massage and aromatherapy treatment with every session ..... $200

Ear Candling

45 min

Involves the use of an ignited cone shaped candle that gently removes build-up wax and fluids via vacuum. This soothing and relaxing procedure can help earaches, sinus and ear pressure, ear ringing, hearing and equilibrium problems ..... $70


All the necessary modalities to facilitate your speedy recovery are included in your visit. However if you wish to upgrade your regular service, we have some extras for you:


  • Auricular Acupuncture (Swarovski crystals or Golden needles +$5) ..... $15


10 Sessions Package

Acupuncture is a therapy and just like physical therapy results start to show after certain amount of time. I offer a discounted package of 10 sessions to encourage commitment to the process and help my uninsured patients get back on track with their health goals. As an extra bonus package includes your initial evaluation visit ..... $1000


12 Sessions Facial Rejuvenation Package

Even though you can get a radiant and shiny complexion after one facial session, most goals (face lift, acne, acne scar elimination, wrinkle filling, etc.) are achieved after 12-16 treatments. That is why we offer a 12-treatment package that saves you  $600! ..... $1800


Payment Methods

We accept cash, checks**, and credit cards. In addition, acupuncture and herbs are also covered by most FSA & HSA accounts.

*Please keep in mind that modalities are only performed when necessary to achieve results and are determined by the doctor

**Returned checks will incur a $35.00 fee

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