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There is a famous Hippocrates saying: “ Let food be your medicine and medicine be your food”. Unfortunately, the industrialization of agriculture led to detrimental changes in the food supply we have access to today. Most of food has been genetically modified, heavily processed or come from farms with nutrient poor soil, and stripped of nutritional value. Unless home grown or organically purchased, the foods we eat are not providing our bodies with nutrition we need. In many cases persistent symptoms can be easily fixed by adding vitamins and minerals into your regimen. Nevertheless, supplement market is oversaturated and poorly regulated. FDA’s main concern is public safety and not a health benefit. Many over-the-counter supplements do not contain ingredients listed, active ingredients or proper concentration. At Mulberry Leaf, we constantly undergo continuing education in this field and follow the most recent research. We are also very selective in the supplements we carry in our wellness center. We work not with one but multiple professional brands as we choose the best Vitamins on the market.

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