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Best Wellness Gifts 2019

Your guide to unique and healthy gift ideas

It always seemed to me that an Acupuncture Clinic is the last place anyone would look for the holiday gifts. This perspective changed last year when I was looking for some guidance on health related gift ideas and didn't get beyond water bottles and lip balms. What can be better than sharing a gift of health with your loved ones?! The biggest wish that we have for people we care about is for them to stay in good health and we can actually make a small contribution by giving them something both fun and useful at the same time this holiday season. With your thoughtful gift you can help set the tone for a healthier lifestyle choices in the new year.

best wellness gift ideas

7 Gifts to encourage healthy habits in The New Year


1. Gift Cards

A lot of my patients ask me if I can help with "this or that" ailment. They are not asking for themselves, they are asking because they know someone who suffers from that particular condition and they really want to help. Giving him/her a gift card for our "Initial Evaluation and Treatment" won't just help them with the symptoms but will provide all the necessary guidance to improve or even cure their illness. We create individual treatments plans that are based on all the objective and subjective findings discovered during the initial evaluation. These plans include descriptions of the patterns that the patient is diagnosed with, possible causes of the above diagnosis, lifestyle and nutritional recommendations, and herbal and supplement suggestions. It's a very comprehensive guide to get better. Even if your friend decides not to continue with the treatments, he or she will have all the necessary tools to improve their health on their own.

Other Gift Card Ideas:

Herbal Consultation – It includes everything listed above without the Acupuncture Treatment

Cupping Treatment – A unique and inexpensive gift for those friends and family members that have questioned about those marks on your back! And it’s needle-free for those that are uncomfortable with the thought of needles!

Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture – Go fancy and get your special someone a Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture treatment, which is loved for the relaxing Jade roller, silicone cupping and aromatherapy massage included. They will never forget this balancing, beautifying and deeply rejuvenating experience.

Swarovski Crystal Ear Seeds – 24 karat gold plated embellished pellets can be used in conjunction with condition-specific ear chart kits to provide a sophisticated yet holistic, fashion-forward treatment.


2. Matcha Tea

Matcha tea

Matcha is made by grinding the entire tea leaf into powder, which enhances benefits that regular tea looses when being steeped. The effect is greatly amplified. You get ten times the concentration of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and fiber than from any other tea. It also has a strong blood sugar lowering properties. There is no other food that provides more antioxidants than Matcha making it the healthiest drink nature has to offer. Matcha is also high in amino acid L-theanine. This allows for a slower release of caffeine, giving you 3 to 6 hour energy boost, mental clarity and focus without feeling jittery or having an energy crash. Our organic ceremonial grade Matcha is not just a tea, it is an experience. Once reserved for only the highest nobility in Japan, this tea has a rich delicious flavor and smooth texture. This gift is full of health benefits packed into one cute tea tin.

antioxidants in Matcha tea


3. CBD Body Products

CBD products are the talk of the year. CBD or Cannabidiol is a chemical compound found in a hemp plant that is unlike its sister plant, marijuana; it is non-psychoactive. It works through the Endocannabinoid System in our bodies by binding to ECS receptors. The effect is anti-inflammatory, pain relieving, neuro-protective, immune balancing and calming for the central nervous system. There have been numerous studies done on beneficial effects of CBD with positive outcomes. There is certainly an overabundance of CBD products on the market. At Mulberry Leaf we carefully selected a brand that is local, based in Santa Cruz, CA and includes additional herbal ingredients that enhance the beneficial results. Vital Body Therapeutics utilizes only organic ingredients in their products. They combine high quality full spectrum (minus THC) CBD with therapeutic herbs like arnica, comfrey, ginger and many more to reinforce anti-inflammatory and pain-reliving properties. You can select from any of their creams and balms for a gift but a few products definitely stand out as a gift option. First one is a CBD infused body oil that you can use before and after showering. Oils attract oils, so application of this luxurious elixir before showering will allow all the toxins and dirt to be lifted off your body without having any stripping effect on the skin. After a shower it will serve as a nourishing moisturizer leaving an incredible herbal aroma to further deepen the relaxation effect of the warm velvety oil. Another pick is a CBD infused Epsom salt soak. Healing properties of a hot bath, magnesium salts, CBD extract and the calming scent of essential oils will give your loved one a feeling of mental and physical stress melting away.


4. Laki Naturals Bath Soaks

Epsom salt bath soaks

Continuing the conversation on bath salts, our Laki Naturals Bath Soaks with Hawaiian sea salt would make a great gift for anyone that could use a bit of relaxation and/or pain relief. We carry rose (my personal favorite), eucalyptus peppermint and charcoal infused soaks. What makes Laki Naturals soaks stand out from the competition is a combination of a highly absorbable form of Magnesium - Magnesium Chloride mixed with pure Hawaiian sea salt that contains natural minerals and electrolytes. The end result is whole body hydration and re-mineralization. Laki Naturals products are naturally made without parabens; they are vegan, gluten free, cruelty free and are not tested on animals. It makes this brand so easy to confidently recommend to out patients. There are multiple health benefits when using a topical form of Magnesium: it decreases stress and anxiety, relieves muscle and joint pain, facilitates deeper sleep, reduces inflammation in the body and hydrates the skin.


5. Holiday Teas by Art of Tea

Sleep Tea by Art of Tea

Mulberry Leaf has been collaborating with California local artesian tea company - Art of Tea. Just as many of the other products we carry, this brand was discovered by trial and error in desperate attempt to find organic, high quality teas that do not just taste amazing but also have powerful healing qualities. We carry the entire line of wellness teas. My personal favorite is "Sleep Tea". It is a blend of organic chamomile, spearmint, lemon balm, valerian root, lemongrass, passionflower and rose petals. I sip on it when I struggle to sleep, feel a little stressed or after taking a nice bath looking for that comforting feeling to complete the experience. It tastes great hot or cold. We also carry "Throat", "Cleanse" and "Endurance" teas along with many others. For the holiday season I would suggest going with the seasonal selection of "Butterscotch", "Pumpkin Spice", "Cran Marnier", "White Winter Chai", "London Tea" or "White Coconut Creme". These are all very solid choices.


6. Jade Roller

Jade roller facial massage

Self-care starts at home. Certain health and beauty tricks are very simple to implement and do not take much time. A jade roller facial massage is one of them. Only 5 minutes of jade massage a day can give your skin a necessary boost, detox and de-puff your face. Jade rollers have been an anti-aging tool of choice in ancient China to invigorate blood circulation, promote lymphatic drainage, awaken and rejuvenate the skin. The jade stone is composed of about 45 different types of minerals, and is a natural emitter of abundant far-infrared radiation and negative-ions. It is known for having multiple healing properties including a calming effect on the nervous system and aids in removal of toxins. You can use a jade roller on its own or combine it with your favorite moisturizers, serums and facial oils.


7. Wellness Kits

It may feel a bit inappropriate to give someone supplements or herbs for Christmas, but when you pair them with something thoughtful and fun it makes a great gift. Customizing wellness kits to match your loved ones needs are one of our specialties! For instance, we can put together a pain-relieving kit with CBD products, Herbal Formula for internal use and pain patches all nicely wrapped in eco-friendly packaging. Another option could be an anti-inflammatory kit with high quality fish oil, herbs and a magnesium soak. Or for your friends that need to de-stress, your kit could include naturopathic muscle relaxant Formula 303, an Epsom salt bath and a “Sleep” tea. The customization possibilities of these wellness kits are endless.


What makes any gift special is the amount of thought and care invested in it. With our professional help, you will have the most personalized gifts of all that will look and smell fantastic.

Have a fabulous Holiday Season!


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