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What is Chromotherapy?


Chromotherapy is a type of Color Light Therapy also known as Phototherapy. Unlike  invisible waves of the infrared light used in Infrared Sauna or “Biomat” technologies,  chromotherapy is based on the seven different colors of the visible light spectrum.  Depending on the vibrations produced by a unique wavelength of each of the seven colors  you can obtain different health benefits.

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Chromotherapy Benefits:

Cosmetic Use


Chromotherapy is particularly gaining its popularity on a skincare arena.
Red light is used to meet anti-aging goal. It is the most penetrating from the spectrum, it promotes skin cell regeneration, increases oxygen content in the blood, stimulates circulation, improves acne and wound healing. It stimulates production of collagen and elastin, giving skin younger and more vibrant appearance.

 Yellow light helps remove pigments and redness of the skin. It is, therefore, great for rosacea, bruising and spider veins.
Due to bacteria killing effect of the blue light, it is the light of choice for acne, skin disinfection and prevention of wounds.

Medical Use

Chromotherapy reduces inflammation and pain, promotes muscle recovery and speeds up wound healing. It is successfully used for post-surgical recovery. It is also beneficial for the patients with joint pain, sore muscles, sprains, arthritis and more.

Psycho-emotional Use

Chromotherapy can be one of the most effective treatments for a seasonal depression. Bright light can stimulate cells in the retina that connect directly to the hypothalamus, a portion of the brain that controls circadian rhythms.

It can boost the mood, improve apathy and normalize the sleep cycle.

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