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Trigger Finger


Trigger finger is a condition in which finger gets locked in a bent position and has to be forced to pop back out. It happens due to tendinitis or tenosynovitis of the flexor digitorum muscle. The inflamed tendon becomes trapped in the pulley system of the hand due to swelling within the tendon sheath. The condition causes pain, clicking, locking, and reduced range of motion of the affected finger. Although the specific cause is not known, overuse of the joint is the most common associated factor. Trigger finger is also seen in patients suffering from diabetes or rheumatoid arthritis and is more common among women. Our treatment is focused on releasing the pressure in the forearm to allow for free flow of fluids that subsequently open up the space within the tendon sheath. We then work to restore mechanical function. Manual soft tissue work plays an integral part in the treatment of trigger finger while electro-acupuncture speeds up the recovery time and the ability to improve even the most stubborn cases.

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