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Pinched Nerve


(Nerve Entrapment Syndrome) happens when the nerve gets compressed in a narrow space due to inflammation, scar tissue, bulging disk, contracted muscle or compression from external causes. It triggers numbness, tingling and pain along the nerve pathway. Nerve entrapment can cause temporary or long-lasting problems. Immediate medical attention is required as the longer you experience the symptoms the more nerve degeneration occurs. Acupuncture treatments can help remove compression of the nerve by initiating muscle relaxation in the local area subsequently allowing more blood flow back to the constricted area. It prevents motor nerve death, tissue inflammation and muscle atrophy. Electroacupuncture stimulates agrin release from a motor nerve that facilitates acetylcholine to bind which helps prevent and to treat muscle atrophy from nerve compression. Acetylcholine is a neurotransmitter that is responsible for conduction of the impulses between the nerves to activate a muscle contraction. Electroacupuncture also upregulates Glial cell derived NF, Nerve growth factor, N-cadherin – substances needed to ensure nerve regeneration.

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