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Neck Pain


Neck tension and pain is by far the most frequently seen condition in our practice. It is no surprise as many of us carry stress on our shoulders, we also strain the neck spending extensive time on the electronic devices or driving. Prolonged inflammation and pain can lead to muscle spasms and eventually development of trophic changes (tight muscle bands, muscle knots, scar tissue). The formation of fibrous tissue causes decrease in blood flow and joint mobility. At Mulberry Leaf we believe pain is the result and not the source of a problem and it is far more important to fix what is not working. Therefore, we address neck pain by assessing the entire kinetic chain to determine imbalances between antagonistic muscles. Then we strengthen the muscles that are being “shut off”, restoring the function of the cervical spine. It is crucial to address neck dysfunction in a timely manner before there is any structural damage. Although, we have vast experienced treating chronic cervical spine pathologies (stenosis, osteoarthritis, post-surgical rehabilitation and more), it is a bigger advantage to prevent joint degeneration altogether.

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