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Today the entire world is living in a new reality, a reality that none of us thought was possible even a month ago. Nevertheless, here we are, all facing the same invisible enemy – novel Coronavirus. Novel stands for new and it is indeed something that we have never faced in our lifetime. We get updates on Covid-19 guidance almost every day that translates into a sense of confusion, anxiety and stress. The good news is that the United States was hit with coronavirus cases much later than Asia and even Europe which gives us the opportunity to learn from others. China showed a good reaction  & action plan to the problem and was able to get the situation under control and keep mortality rate down even with a high number of cases. A lot of their success is due to integration of conventional medicine with Traditional Chinese Medicine.

According to studies* Traditional Chinese Medicine was found more than 90% effective in fighting COVID-19. In China out of 81,078 diagnosed Covid-19 patients 74,187 (91.5%) used Chinese herbal medicine as of March 21, 2020. It showed the evidence of slowing down the progression of the disease from mild to moderate to severe; lower mortality rates, improved symptoms, quicker discharge from the hospital and quicker rehabilitation of discharged patients.

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Xia WG, An CQ, Zheng CJ, Zhang JX, Huang M, Wang Y, Clinical study on 34 cases of COVID-19 treated with combined traditional Chinese and western medicine (in Chinese) Journal of Tranditional Chinese Medicine. 2020. pp. 1–7.


Many modalities of TCM were implemented in Hubei and Wuhan hospitals for patients infected with COVID-19. For example, Moxibustion was used to improve immune system, Acupuncture was used to quicken the recovery & QiGong to improve lung function and relive stress. 

However, given the quick rise of the number of cases, TCM doctors were not able to apply differential diagnoses to all and that is why Herbal Medicine became the main tool utilized in the treatment of coronavirus. COVID-19 guidebook compiling all the herbal formulas needed in different stages of the disease progression was created quickly and used nation wide throughout China. They are now on the 7th edition of the book. There are also 2 official COVID-19 Herbology books published by Hubei Hospital and Wuhan Hospital of China. Herbal Medicine was given to infected patients as well as doctors working in coronavirus specialized hospitals. It was also shipped to the general population as a prophylactic treatment.  


At Mulberry Leaf Acupuncture and Herbs we are undergoing continuous education of diagnosis and treatment of COVID-19 with Traditional Chinese Medicine. As of today we have completed over 15 hours of COVID-19 dedicated lectures from top doctors that worked on coronavirus cases in China. We are ready, willing and able to answer any questions you may have and assist you in the prevention and treatment of your cold, flu or COVID-19 symptoms may you present them. We highly recommend setting up a consultation within hours of developing the symptoms, as this time is crucial to slow down the progression of the disease.


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